EasyRead Time Teacher Watch – Blue, Red & Grey Face (FREE SHIPPING, choice of Grey or Blue strap)

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FREE SHIPPING on your whole order when you buy this item! Learn to tell the time in “minutes past” and “minutes to” the hour in three easy steps with a real, good looking watch. The band is adjustable and designed to suit very small wrists.  Details below.



FREE SHIPPING on your whole order when you buy one or more!

The EasyRead Time Teacher Clock came first and it now comes in a watch version.

Also available with a Rainbow face and now you can customise even further with an extra strap in a choice of seven colours  – mix and match for outfits, preference or moods!  Check out the whole range of EasyRead Time Teacher products.

Learn to tell the time in “minutes past” and “minutes to” the hour in three easy steps with a real, good looking watch. The band is adjustable and designed to suit very small wrists.  The closest hole on the band results in a circumference of 12cm around the wrist, while the furthest along results in a 19cm circumference.  The face of the watch has a diameter of approximately 3.3cm.

The band also goes right through behind the watch face, which avoids the “sweat slip/stick” hat comes with some watches.

Take a look at the photos to see how easy it is to learn the time with the EasyRead Time Teacher system. The two sides of the watch dial are colour coded – blue on the right and red on the left. Tell your child that the green side of the watch is called “Minutes Past”; and the red side is called “Minutes To”.

The three simple steps for a child telling the time are:

Step 1: Read the number at the end of the long hand

Step 2: Say which side of the watch the long hand is pointing to (Minutes Past, or Minutes To)

Step 3: Read the number at the end of the short hand

Like this: 8…minutes to…2

It’s that simple!

EasyRead Time Teacher was started by Roger Shackleton, based in Sydney and a winner of the Australian Design Award. He designed the EasyRead Dial and the Three Step Teaching System after finding it extremely difficult to teach his own children to tell the time using regular analogue clocks and watches. Roger’s designs have been so successful that the clocks are now available in Europe and North America.

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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for EasyRead Time Teacher Watch – Blue, Red & Grey Face (FREE SHIPPING, choice of Grey or Blue strap)

  1. NA

    Bought two of these watches. One for my son (6 yo) and the other for my daughter (8 yo). They are a great quality watch with glass faces and clear numbers. The straps are very comfortable and I love how it can be tightened for very small wrists so they fit perfectly. Both my children have found it very easy to read and learn. The colours are timeless and doesn’t distract. Its the perfect watch for any child!

  2. Tanya Dean

    I purchased this watch for my daughter and it is absolutely perfect. Within seconds of putting the watch on she was telling us the time CORRECTLY!! My daughters’ teacher is so happy she would like to put this watch on the stationary list for every student to purchase.

  3. NA

    Great idea. Main issue is the size of the small numbers and the position of the glass. Makes it very difficult to read the small numbers

  4. Loren

    Wonderful product. my son loves telling me the time. The proud look on his face is timeless….err priceless.

  5. Dale

    I was really happy with the quick delivery of the Easy read time teacher watch I purchased for my grandsons 5th birthday, he was super excited when he opened it and is really eager to learn how to tell the time on what he calls a real watch,

  6. Sunday

    FANTASTIC!!!!!! Best watch I ever bought for any of my kids.
    So easy to tell the time and very colourful.
    If your child has trouble with telling time this is the Product for you. SOOOOO…. worth it.

  7. Ana

    This watch is so easy for kids to learn how to read the time. Excellent product and excellent customer service! The product arrived within 4 days of placing the order.

  8. Sarah

    This watch is fantastic! My daughter learnt to tell the time in only a few hours using this. She loves it!

  9. Ana

    the watch is so user friendly for the kids, my grandchildren were able to start telling the time within few days of wearing watch, the teachers were very impressed (my grandchildren age is 6 and 7)

  10. NM

    Wonderful! It looks great and gives my 8 year old son a confidence boost to be able to tell people the time.

  11. Lesley (verified owner)

    My 6 year old grandson learnt to tell the time in one day with the watch and clock I bought for his birthday.

    His autistic brother easily grasped telling time with the clock as it’s so clear. So thank you they were a great buy

  12. KO (verified owner)

    This is a great watch but the pin broke within 3 days of my son wearing it. We put the pin back but it broke again and again and the pin got lost the last time, so he can’t even use it now.

  13. KO (verified owner)

    So… to update on this product…
    I was contacted by the store regarding the pin breaking and they have been super amazing! We have received a new set of pins and have been able to insert this and the watch is now wearable. Very happy with the strong customer service and we have a happy 8 year old and parents! Great company to deal with 🙂 Thank you for your prompt reply and problem solving!

  14. alison (verified owner)

    Great idea – like others say the minute numbers are really small and the angle of the glass does make it that little bit harder to read. Miss 5 doesn’t have any trouble though.
    Great three-step concept

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