About Us

What Makes Us Different?

CAREFUL PRODUCT SELECTION Some stores stock thousands of products just to look like a “super store”.  A lot of their products are junk, or are sold based on fads and what’s being advertised on TV.  Others have only a limited range because they only work with one or two suppliers. We carefully decide on each and every product we stock, based on research and testing.  We stock only a small range from each of our dozens of suppliers – the best of the best.  If Australian suppliers don’t have a product that meets our quality standards, we try to source it directly from overseas.
LOWEST PRICES Many stores price products at the maximum they can sell them at, or offer coupons that draw you in, but aren’t really a good deal. We set our prices low every day of the year, after checking our competitors’ prices.  We do sometimes offer coupons, but that’s just added value.  If you find we’re not already the lowest, we can usually price match (for everyone – not just you).
FAST, RELIABLE DESPATCH You’ve probably experienced it – your order doesn’t get sent out for days, or longer, because they don’t have it in stock or are just plain slow.  And they don’t answer your emails or calls either… If you can add it to your cart, we have it in stock.  And if you order before 1pm on a business day, we’ll send it out the same day.
TRANSPARENT, FLAT RATE DELIVERY Some stores don’t tell you what delivery will cost until the checkout. We charge a transparent flat rate per order.
A TRUE COMMITMENT TO EDUCATION Some stores have an “educational toys” section, which is not much more than an afterthought. All of our products stimulate the mind through hands-on experiences, be it through direct learning, sparking an interest, fostering early development, exercising the brain, promoting discussion and further investigation of a subject, or building a mind full of imagination and creativity.
WE’RE FAMILY-OWNED, FAMILY-RUN AND AUSTRALIAN Some stores are multinational, or are too big to really care about what they sell and how they do it. Here in Bendigo, Victoria, we have two young daughters, two cats, a dog, six chickens and two rabbits.  We are proud to be a small, family-run business that cares.  If you contact us, you’ll most likely be speaking to one of the business owners, who is also a parent.

The best hands-on educational products and pretend play from around the world, at affordable prices.

Every product sold through Light Up Learning has been carefully selected, based on research, testing or reliable external reviews.  As a result you will only find high quality educational games, educational toys, puzzles and more – the best of the best educational products for toddlers to teenagers.

Light Up Learning opened in October 2015, and is our second online store – the first, Craft4Kids, opened three years earlier and has grown to be Australia’s best destination for top quality children’s art and craft products at value prices.

As home educating parents we understand that every child learns differently.  We’ve selected products that spark new interests, expand existing ones, start educational conversations, inspire imagination and create a joy of learning through hands-on experiences.

Light Up Learning is a family owned and run website and we are happy to help you with any enquiries you may have, so please feel free to contact us.

Kylie & Steve